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  • child victimisation and legislation

    from their siblings and intimidation from other children. Children suffer more victimisation than other age group members‚ when considering forms of victimisation as a whole. Victimisation- someone singled out for unfair treatment or punishment (Finkelhor‚ 1995). This means that someone is picked on to be hurt‚ either emotionally or physically‚ for someone else’s satisfaction. Children have become victims of victimisation because they have no way of expressing how they feel about what has happened

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  • Alexander Mcqueen Victimisation Report

    Ronit Berger Report 1 – Victimisation - Alexander McQueen Victimisation The contemporary designer whose design philosophy best reflects Evan’s analysis of McQueen’s representations on the theme of ‘Victimisation’ is the label Victor & Rolf. Victor & Rolf’s design philosophy is ‘originality and traditions‚ glamour‚ avant-garde‚ conceptual- couture’ (FashionTraveler.com‚ 2011:1). The Victor & Rolf collection I have chosen from is Autumn/Winter 2008/2009 in order to illustrate my views and compare

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  • Victimology: Criminology and Victim

    identification of factors which contribute a non-random pattern of their own victimisation‚ a focus on interpersonal crimes of violence and a concern to identify victims who may have contributed to their own victimisation.” (Marsh‚ I. Melville‚ G. 2009) the Main theories to arise from this perspective are victim precipitation‚ victim culpability‚ victim proneness and lifestyle. All these theories focus on patterns of victimisation. The lifestyle theory‚ “developed by Michael Hindelang‚ Michael Gottredson

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  • All the Characters in the Quiet American Are Victims in One Way or Another. Discuss.

    heated atmosphere and interactions of contrasting emotions. He puts his characters into varied roles of the victim. Whether they are a foreign diplomat or a taxi dancer‚ the characters in Graham Greene’s The Quiet American all exhibit some form of victimisation. Phuong could be seen as a victim from the western society’s perspective. This is a result of the relationships she has with both Fowler and Pyle. Fowler sacrifices Phuong’s happiness and her future by being instrumental in Pyle’s murder. He

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  • Childrens Rights

    OBSERVATION  REFLECTIVE ACCOUNT x QUESTIONS  EXPERT WITNESS  PRODUCT  WITNESS TESTIMONY  CANDIDATE NAME: Sharyn Morgan Evidence: It is important that children‚ young people‚ families and communities are free from victimisation‚ exploitation and abuse because it is written in the UNCRC (United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child) which the UK signed in 1991. This states in Article 19 that the Government must take all appropriate action to protect a child from

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  • Blanche DuBois Victim Or Perpetrator

    To what extent is can the character of Blanche DuBois be regarded as a victim of circumstance or is she a perpetrator of her own downfall? The play The Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams is about people who display cruelty and harshness in their treatment to others‚ especially those who are weaker and more vulnerable than themselves. The protagonist of the play‚ Blanche DuBois is portrayed to be both the victim and the victimiser of the play‚ causing the audience to sympathise with her

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  • Bullying In Workplace

    anyone else from around the organisation. Some examples of bullying in the workplace include: • insults‚ rudeness or intentional embarrassment • spreading rumours or stories about individuals • excluding and ignoring people or any other form of victimisation • unwarranted personal or professional criticism • making staff members perform demeaning‚ degrading or pointless tasks • threatening behaviour

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  • Gender Roles Of Bullying

    Bullying is a social process which involves a person’s intent to harm another. The behaviour is repetitive‚ and there is an imbalance of power between the bully and the victim. There is both direct (verbal and physical) and indirect (cyber and relational) forms of bullying. It has been argued by literature that bullying involves a power struggle between the bully and the victim. Bullies engage in behaviours such as building alliances‚ recruiting loyal followers and engage in interpersonal manipulation

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  • Victimology and How to Avoid Becoming a Victim of a Crime

    Victimology and How to Avoid Becoming a Victim of a Crime Rachel Cowart   Victimology is the study of how a certain person became a victim of a particular crime. Victimology studies the relationship between the victim and the offender; did they know each other? Were they complete strangers? Was the offender a friend or family member? All these questions are answered through the study of victimology. Some individuals are prone to become victims just as some are prone to become criminals. There

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  • Crime Victims: An Introduction to Victimology

    Abstract This report will provide the information about the evolution of the concept of "victim" and the study of victimology. Victimology is a term first coined for a specialty within the field of criminology. In recent times‚ victimology has come to embrace a wide array of professional disciplines working with victims. In its original form‚ victimology examined characteristics of victims and how they "contributed" to their victimization. The emergence of the crime victims ’ rights movement has

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