Oral Communication

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Oral Communication
Oral communication implies communication through mouth. It includes individuals conversing with each other, be it direct conversation or telephonic. Man learns to speak much before writing. In the same way, in an organisation people speak much more before writing. Speech or oral use of language acts as the first binding factor between one person and another. That is also the reason why communication becomes conversational in nature. Oral communication occurs in situations like conversation, presentations, negotiations, group discussion and meetings. Each of these situations requires special oral communication skills. Oral communications are more natural and immediate. It is natural to speak when the other person is present. We speak to communicate in informal situations. We also speak in formal and official situations like interviews, meetings and presentations. Many people feel nervous and cannot speak easily in formal and official situations; it needs training and practice to speak. Oral communication can be face-to-face as well as through electronic devices like telephone, house bells or even through voice chat, video chat through the internet.

Advantages of Oral Communication
1. Immediate feedback: The first and foremost advantage of oral communication is that it provides immediate feedback to the participants in the communication event. While engage in the talk with somebody we can ask for clarification. 2. Time-saving: Oral communication is time saving.

3. Healthy climate: By drawing the people together oral communication builds up a healthy climate in the organisation. It brings the superiors and the subordinates nearer. 4. Personal touch: Oral communication, just by sounding personal touch becomes an effective tool for persuasion. Everybody knows the importance of persuasion in business. It brings personal warmth and friendliness and develops a sense of bonding because of the contact between people. 5. Economical: Oral communication is not only time-saving, it is also very economical. It saves the money spend on stationary in an organisation. 6. Opportunity to correct oneself: Oral communication also provides the speaker an opportunity to correct himself and make himself clear by changing his voice, time, pitch, etc. 7. Understanding of groups: In oral communication the speaker enjoys the advantage of understanding the groups he is addressing. He can immediately understand the group’s reaction and arrive at a satisfactory conclusion.

Limitations of Oral Communication
1. May be time consuming sometimes: Oral communication may not always be time-saving. Sometimes it happens that meetings go on and on for a long time without arriving at any satisfactory conclusion. 2. Oral Messages: Oral messages cannot always be retained in the listener’s memory. The speaker himself may always not recall what he actually said or meant. 3. Legal validity: In the absence of record, oral messages do not have legal validity. 4. Misunderstandings: If the speaker has not carefully organised his thought, oral messages may lead to misunderstanding. 5. (one point is missing)

Oral Communication Skills
The term oral communication skills is used to refer to various skills that enhance communication by word of the mouth. The most important oral communication skills include good pronunciation of words, avoiding fillers and also careful listening among others. How we use this skill:

* greeting people and taking messages
* reassuring, comforting or persuading
* seeking information & resolving conflicts
* facilitating or leading a group

Effective Oral Communication
1. Pause before responding: Sometimes we are in a rush for something and whenever we try to communicate, we usually try to do it so quickly. But that is wrong we need to just pause sometimes, it works wonders when it comes to communicating more...
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