Personal Narrative: A Career As A Dental Assistant

Topics: Critical thinking, Dentistry, Skill, Learning, Dental assistant / Pages: 3 (742 words) / Published: Jan 19th, 2017
Selecting a perfect career for you may not be a simple decision and accomplishing it is indeed more challenging. After always being fascinated by perfect teeth and smiles; a course in high school about medical terminology and a dental assistants class then lead me to decide that dentistry was a field I was interested in. I turned to my high school dental assistants teacher as a mentor. She guided me with many tips and skills to follow in order to reach my career goal, and that not only can an A in the classrooms can lead you to be a dentist. Two years later, after finishing dental school my success derived from not only an outstanding Gpa and a required Dental Admission Test score, but achievement had came from mastering major skills such as critical thinking, oral communication, and …show more content…
Oral communication will be necessary throughout your life when faced with class presentation, lectures, and job interviews. Dentists often use oral communication by speak to not only their patients to understand the oral problem they have or the procedure they must under go, but to their assistants to prepare for the procedure they will complete. Respectable oral communication is acquired in numerous ways; reading and expanding vocabulary will give you confidence in the words you speak. Watching verbal speeches to view how valued individuals lecture and studying their transition of words and body language. Taking an opportunity to speak formally to an audience, professor, and if speaking to crowds is a fear, practicing in front of a mirror can improve your oral communication. Speaking thoroughly and making sure your audience understands is an indication of successfully grasping the skill. Any occupation requires exceptional oral communication to gain respect and be considered

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