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Marketing Research Test 2
Chapter 6
Primary data: information that is developed or gathered y the researcher specifically for the research project at handSecondary data: have previously been gathered by someone other than the researcher and/or for some purpose other than the research project at hand –Internal secondary data: data that have been collected within the firm, such as sales records, purchase requisitions, and invoices –External secondary data: data obtained from outside the firm, published, syndicated services data, and databases –Database marketing: the process of building, maintaining, and using customer (internal) databases and other (internal) databases (products, suppliers, resellers) for the purpose of contacting, transacting, and building relationships –Data mining: the name for the software that is now available to help managers make sense out of seemingly senseless masses of information contained in databases –Internal databases : databases consisting of information gathered by a company during the normal course of business transactions –Syndicated services data : provided by firms that collect data in a standard format and make them available to subscribing firms. Typically highly specialized and are not available in libraries for the general public –External databases: databases supplied by organizations outside the firm and may be used as sources of secondary data –Online information databases: sources of secondary data searchable by search engines online. Factiva, LexisNexis, ProQuest, & Gale Group –CRM, Customer Relationship Management: strengthening relationships with customers by using internal databases for purposes of direct marketing. –North American Industry Classification System (NAICS): a coding system; a system of coding business firms and can be used by researchers to access info stored in databases according to the NAICS codes.Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) system: being replaced by NAICS because of NAFTA. Classified establishments by the type of activity in which they were engaged –"Survey of Buying Power" : allows users to access the marketing potential of a given geographical area using an index called the buying power index, or BPIEffective buying income (EBI): disposable personal income –Buying power index (BPI) (anything related to BPI also): an indicator of the relative market potential in a geographic area Chapter 7

Standardized information: a type of secondary data in which the data collected and/or the process of collecting the data are standardized for all usersSyndicated data: data that are collected in standard format and made available to all subscribers –Standardized services: refers to a standardized marketing research process that is used to generate information for a particular user –Harris poll: measures consumer attitudes and opinions on a wide variety of topics (economy, environment, politics, world affairs, legal issues, etc. weekly, good source for identifying trend lines. Standardized info, thus syndicated data –Gallup poll: surveys public opinion, asking questions on domestic issues, private issues, and world affairs. Attitudes can be tracked toward buying private brands or attitudes toward credit. Compiled annually, syndicated data –GeoVals: service that identifies at the ZIP code or census block level the major VALS segents residing in a geographical area –VALS: a standardized services that offers a psychographic segmenting system to determine win which of the eight VALS segments a consumer belongs based on psychological characteristics and demographics –PRIZM: Potential Ratings Index for Zip Markets. Defines every neighborhood in the US based upon 66 market segments –Geodemographics: term used to describe the classification of arbitrary, usually small, geographic areas in terms of the characteristics of their inhabitants –Single-source data : data that contain information on several variables such as...
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