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EV 50 Unit No 515
Name Date 17/02/2014
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Introduction (What you are going to cover in this document) I am going to cover group living for adults. criteria
There are various groups living for adults and each have a positive and negative impact. Group living can be beneficial for adults who are unsafe to live on their own and for individuals who are lonely. I will focus on residential care for group living. When individuals reach the stage where either they or their families have to decide it will be of their best interests to be moved into residential care, there are many factors that influence this. Age

Mental capacity to make decisions
Safety factors/risks
Living in a group can pose problems as individuals are brought together, individuals may not always get on with one another due to their views, morals, background and general preferences. The difficulties is pleasing everyone and ensuring they all live amicably together.

The benefits in group living is having companionship/friendship and plenty of activities that they can attend with individuals they know and live with, still enabling them to have their own space and privacy if they so wish. Various group living:

Residential care
Elderly care complexes
Supported living
Residential enables 24 hour care
Elderly complexes ensures they have a warden and activities if they so wish to join in, care provisions if they so wish Hostels are temporary living
Supported living offers more choice and freedom, activities, meal provisions and warden input, where if needed they can have homecare provisions. Whichever an individual or their families choose they all have to promote a happy/safe environment for individuals, ensuring they meet standards set out for residential or group living provisions.

Every group living environment/care home has to meet standards set out by the government, these are monitored by CQC, GSCC and local authorities to ensure standards are met. Within group living the environment has to be safe, clean and ensure individuals wellbeing, while Promoting their independence and uphold their rights to human necessities. It is important that standards identify the requirements associated with leading and managing group living provision; it includes developing the physical environment, daily living activities and group activities in such a way that they support the achievement of positive outcomes for individuals. By respecting each individual and their individuality, making a setting that enables individuals choice, freedom and to be able to express themselves. Comfort and warmth, meal choices and variation, respecting cultures and backgrounds and focusing on their wellbeing, health and happiness.

Fitness for purpose: The regulatory powers provided by the CSA are designed to ensure that care home managers, staff and premises are ‘fit for their purpose’. In applying the standards, regulators will look for evidence that a home whether providing a long-term placement, short-term rehabilitation, nursing care or specialist service is successful in achieving its stated aims and objectives.

Comprehensiveness: Life in a care home/group living is made up of a range of services and Facilities which may be of greater or lesser importance to different individuals. In applying the standards, regulators ensure the service package offered by the care home contributes to the overall personal and health care needs and preferences of individuals and how the home works with others services / professionals to ensure the individual’s inclusion in the community.

Meeting assessed needs: In applying the right standards, inspectors will look for Evidence that the care home meets needs of individuals and that Individuals’ changing needs continue to be met. The assessment and service user plan...
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