3174 Lead And Manage Group Living For Adults

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Lead and manage group living for adults
1.1 Review current theoretical approaches to group living provision for adults A group living environment is designed to meet the specific needs of individuals in situations that are as normal as possible rather than institutional care. Group living can include facilities for adults in residential homes, nursing homes or sheltered / extra care housing. Wolfesberger (1975) identified some negative features of large-scale institutions, individuals were segregated from society often kept in degrading conditions and treated inhumanely. Over the year’s different theoretical approaches to group living provisions for adults have changed the way in which we offer our care services and living provisions. Person centred planning has had major impacts and affected group living in many ways, Eric Erikson developed a theory that divides an individual’s life into eight stages that extend from birth to death (unlike many developmental theories that only cover childhood). Erikson (1902-94) This means that when reviewing and updating the need of a service user you would not only look at their physical needs you would also review social and cognitive development. Erikson created the eight stages of developments from birth to death using this he considered basic conflicts of a service user of each stage. This table of development can be used to identify a service user’s potential conflicts which are relevant to the particular stage of development that they are at. For example when I support the service users I work with I take a holistic approach, I take into consideration developmental needs along with physical needs. I think the positives of this approach are that you meet service users specific needs whilst taking into account age related conflicts and we are also eliminating the unneeded grouping of service users i.e. Group Living.

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is another important theory when considering group living provisions for adults as this outlines the stages that are required to carry out personalisation through person centred planning whether it be through goals, risk assessments, support planning or key working sessions. His theory suggests to us that “individuals needs must first be met at a basic level, and then must be satisfied at each level before moving onto the next” Maslow (1908-70)

1.2 Evaluate the impact of legal and regulatory requirements on the physical group living environment Safe practice is very important to the promotion of dignity in care. There are a number of legislative measures and regulations to support health and safety at work. These are intended to protect people in work, those using services and the wider public. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE), local authority Trading Standards and the Care Quality Commission (CQC) can all bring prosecutions against care providers who breach health and safety standards The CQC expect all regulated providers to comply with their new Fundamental Standards (which replaced the earlier Essential Standards on 01 April 2015). Eg Essential standards of quality and safety (CQC) 2010 regulation 15 – refers to accommodation that is equipped to assure comfort and privacy and meets the assessed needs of the service user.  Also all allegations of abuse will be taken seriously and investigated accordingly, In line with the health and social care act 2008 and policy and adult protection.

1.3 Review the balance between maintaining an environment that is safe and secure and promoting freedom and choice Risk assessments help managers and support staff so they feel reassured that they have acted in the best interests of the individual. Safety is only one aspect of life and is not the only goal in life. What good is making someone safe if it merely makes them miserable? (Department of Health 2007)

1.4 Explain how the physical environment can promote well being There is a close relationship between the physical environment...
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