Living with a Big Family Unit: The Best

Pages: 2 (452 words) Published: February 26, 2014
In many countries today,people in cities either live alone or in small family units,rather than in large,extended family groups.Is this a positive or negative trend? -孤单 -不安全 +环境安静

It is a popular tendency that a large number of people prefer to live without companying or live with a small family group. However, a part of people still believe that it is better to live in a large family. From my own viewpoint, living with a big family unit is the best.

In the first, no matter where we are, safety will be the first factor that we have to consider. It is the opposite side for people to live safely if a person choose to live alone. What we all know is that the strength of a person is not as big as that of many people. Imagine that once a person meet an emergency that he or she really needs help, but there is no one who can give a hand. Whereas it will happen if the person lives with in a big family part. In this case, it is easily to see that how important to live with a group of people.

What i will prove next is that the loneliness will be easier to feel if a person just lives with himself than that lives in a large group. When a person chooses to live alone, what he meets every day is the empty room which contains just the furniture and himself. It may be true that the television is the only one which can be a company. With time goes by, it is easy to lose the sociability for a person, even he will be attacked by autism. I do believe no one wants to be the one who has to suffer from this disease.

However, it is also convincing that there will be a quiet environment for a person to live in while living alone. For some people, a beautiful environment is one of the most important reasons which should be considered when they are choosing. Undeniably, it brings not only a comfortable place to rest, but necessary personal room to protect himself. This cannot be provided if a person lives with a group people. Most importantly, there are a small part of...
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