Key Players in Curriculm Developmen

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Fill in the table by describing the role and influence each group has on curriculum. Some may have direct influence and some may have indirect influence. Identify whether their influence deals with selecting, maintaining, or evaluating the curriculum and in what ways they participate in that process. The first answer is provided as an example.

Key Players in Curriculum Development

Key Players| Role and Influence on Curriculum|
| |
Federal Government| The federal government passes federal legislations, such as the No Child Left Behind Act, to which schools must measure up. NCLB mandates can directly influence the curriculum in schools. They mostly influence the selection of curriculum.| State| The state provides support materials such as a syllabus and guide for each subject area and grade level. States also determine what students should learn and a list of approved materials can be used in the classroom. The state sets standards about what students should be learning by forming committees and holding public meetings where they listen to different groups of interest's opinions on curriculum. The state then sets the rules for student standards.| District| Districts also provide materials for teaching such as curriculum guides. Districts review the materials that can be used in the classroom and recommend specific materials that should be purchased. The district is also required to appoint specialists that make sure the curriculum is being supported and the teachers are prepared.| School| Schools are an important factor that influences curriculum because schools have to take the provided materials and syllabuses and bring it to the students. Schools also must remain aware of the student standards and maintain these standards. Schools have to make sure that the guidelines are being followed.| Teacher| Teachers do not play a huge role in what curriculum is taught, but they do play a role in deciding...
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