Evidence and Guiding

Topics: Education, Second language acquisition, Educational philosophy Pages: 18 (4353 words) Published: March 9, 2011

Content Knowledge
● The teacher demonstrates deep knowledge of subject matter content and an ability to organize related facts, concepts, and skills.

● The teacher activates learners’ prior knowledge, experience, and interests and uses this information to plan content and to help individual students attain learning goals.

● The teacher connects curriculum to other content areas and real-life settings to promote retention and relevance.

● The teacher designs instructional activities based on state content standards.

● The teacher provides instructional accommodations, modifications, and adaptations to meet needs of each individual student.

º How does the design or structure of the lesson help students understand connections between and among discrete facts and their relationship to major concepts or big ideas? Sample Evidence: Student use of graphic organizers; focus on essential question and focusing questions for lesson (e.g. written on white board)

º What evidence do you see that students understand and use procedural knowledge that is required for the “doing of the discipline?” Sample Evidence: Student inquiry , including posing of questions, formulation of hypotheses, gathering and evaluating of evidence; use of primary sources

º What strategies does the teacher use to surface preconceptions about the content and help students correct misconceptions? Sample Evidence: Use of such strategies of K-W-L to activate prior knowledge; teacher questions that “get behind student thinking,” calling on students to provide evidence as to why they hold a certain view

º Do students have opportunities to connect new knowledge to prior knowledge including personal experiences and interests, as well as to other content areas? Sample Evidence: Use of graphic organizers such as Venn diagrams; teacher questions that ask students to make these connections

º In what ways does the teacher connect learning activities to learning outcomes embodied in the State Course of Study? What evidence suggests that students know the learning target to which instructional activities relate? Sample Evidence: Learning targets posted on board; lesson plans; questions and statements that help students make connections between activities and learning targets

º To what extent does the teacher offer a variety of print and non-print materials to differentiate instruction? Sample Evidence: Provision of a variety of primary and secondary sources, including web-based and electronic sources, to accommodate different reading/readiness levels, interests, etc. STANDARDINDICATORS (CRITERIA)GUIDING QUESTIONS

Teaching & Learning

Organization and
management of

Strategies to

● The teacher designs a classroom organization and management system built upon sound, age-appropriate expectations and research-based strategies for promoting positive behaviors.

● The teacher creates a positive climate that promotes respect and responsibility.

● The teacher creates a safe, orderly, and stimulating learning environment that nurtures responsibility, motivation, and engagement of learners.

º What evidence suggests that students know and use classroom rules, procedures, and routines that optimize individual responsibility, facilitate smooth transitions, and minimize off-task behaviors? Sample Evidence: Appropriate student response to teacher signals and oral instructions; seamless student movement from one activity to another; limited need for teacher intervention to correct off-task behavior; posted rules and procedures

º In what ways and to what degree do the rules, routines, and practices promote respectful relationships between and among students (and the teacher) and student ownership for the classroom community? Sample Evidence: Students actively...
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