jainism and shintoism

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JAIN Religion
one of the oldest religion in the world
does not believe in worshipping an individual
It worship real quantities of a soul who attained state of “Jin” One who has faith in preachings of ‘Jin’ and who practices it is called “Jain” LORD MAHAVIR
Popularly known as ‘Shraman Bhaguman’
Regarded as the founder of Jainism
He, the founder , being the last of 24 Thirthankars(flourished drom 599-527 B.C.) He made it Jain Religion
Jain system like the Buddhist is non-theistic
It does not acknowledge the existence of Creator of God
It is plurastic system, it has many souls-has infinite in number 9 Truths or Realities in Jainism:
1. Soul (jiva)
The principle of Jiva is a conscious substance which is different in different individuals.
The number of Jivas (souls) are infinite.
The soul is not only the enjoyer of the fruits of karma (bhokta), but also the actor, deeply engaged in wordly affairs and responsible for his act (karma), good or bad. It can attain emancipation (moksha) from the cycle of birth and death by freeing itself from all that is non-soul (ajiva), by destroying accumlated karmas and by stopping their further influx into it 2. Non-soul (ajiva)

Ajiva is the opposite of jiva comprising the first three:
-medium of motion,medium of rest
-space or medium of accommodation are formless and
indivisible wholes> the forth substance matter is defined as what is possessed of the qualities of touch, taste, colour and smell.
Time is atomic in dimension and the kala atoms pervade the whole cosmic space. 3. Merit (punya)
Punya is the consequence of good and religious deeds. There are nine ways to it. They are, in fact, different forms of practicing charity. 4. Sin or Demerit (papa)
It is called sin or evil , is a major factor in the bondage of jiva. Injury to and killing of living-beings is a heinous sin and results in terrible punishment. 5. Influx of karma (asrava)
Asrava denotes the inflow of karmic...
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