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Jainism vs. Sikhism

Part I

Read the assigned chapters for the week and complete the following table. Be as specific as possible when identifying practices, beliefs, rituals, and historical elements. Cite sources in APA formatting.

Core Beliefs

1. Rejects belief in a Creator-God
1. devout monotheism

2. Sees the universe as natural forces in motion
2. Founder of Skhism was Nanak

3. Practices five ethical with emphasis on nonattachment and nonharm 3. Emphasis on findin the divine within the human heart.

4. Karama
4. Karama

5. Reincarnation
5. Reincaraction

Part 2

Respond to the following questions in 150 to 200 words:

1. What do you think is the most important similarity and which is the most important difference? Use specifics to support your answer.

The belief in karma and rebirth are unqiue simiarlities that Janism and Sikhism share in common with Hinduism. Both Janism and Sikhism share a common similarity and a key difference between the religions. The simarliarity between Janism and Sikhism is based on the emphasis on some key characteristics. Molloy (2013) stated, “both religions stress the importance of the individual’s struggle to purify the self, to act morally, and to do good to others.” (pg 182), the emphasis on the understanding of individuals struggles within provdes a key simarlity. While there is a similiarty there is a vast difference. The difference while it is important to identify it allows a clarity on what makes these religions on being stand outs. The area of differences is the views of reality and emotional tone. The difference between them make them vital in creating distinct differences behind each religions core beliefs. Within Jainism there is a strong emphasis on the ideals of nonattachement and non harm or in other words, Ahimsa. (Molloy, 2013). Where Sikhism welcomes the belief of a single god along with eating meats and military...

References: Molloy, M. (2013). Experiencing the World’s Religions: Tradition, Challenge, and Change (6th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill.
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