Hindu Terms Map

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Hindu Terms Map

|Word |What is your personal understanding of each of these |After reading the text, how would you redefine each of |What differences did you find between the popular usage| | |terms? |them?  |and actual definitions? | |Karma |The energy which is transmitted into the world through |The direct consequences on a person of their pure or |Karma is not a punishment or retribution but simply an | | |positive or negative actions and which eventually |impure actions, and the actions themselves. Karma |extended expression or consequence of natural acts.  | | |rebounds on us in a beneficial or detrimental way in |influences our experiences in this life and the next. | | | |reaction to our choices. | | | |Reincarnation |Life after death, a person who is unenlightened or has |The entry of a soul into a new body upon the former |People believe that when they die they will come back | | |very bad karma may not be reborn as human but perhaps |body's death. |in another form of some kind  | | |as a lower animal such as a dog, or even an insect. | | | | | | |...
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