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Topics: Working class, Social class, Middle class Pages: 16 (3464 words) Published: May 16, 2014
Opening of the play
Hook the audience interest, intimate, calm, cosy,
The lighting chang­e- unusual
Party scene
Mr Birling’s arrogance and ignorance
Underlying tension
Conversation is relatable
Audience wonders the connection between the title (inspector…) and the scene before them. Introduce the characters

Mr birling’s smugness pg. 6, ignorance,
Mrs Birling’s cold and uptight, aware of her class pg. 2 controlling Sheila- naive, air headed but may know more pg. 2 under parents thumb Eric- tension w/ father seems to support working class
Gerald- even though he is higher class he is more polite than below In birling’s first speech he’s very quick to talk about the Port. He wants to seem on par with Gerald’s dad. Pg. 2. Birling port has aspirations but is inferior

Sheila calls her mother mummy-in her 20s- she’s playing the little girl under her mother’s thumb. Tell cook from me- not supposed to have that kind of communication. (Especially in front of a visitor) Gerald had an affair- Sheila – you never came near me.

Mrs B saying don’t tease him shows that it’s a man’s world. It’s a though she believes in convention of men having a higher class. Eric guffawing suggests that he knows about Gerald’s affair. Squiffy-drunk

Eric don’t do any- birling’s about to launch into a continuous speech. What an expression- Sheila-always reprimanding them treats them like a child. Sir George & lady croft don’t approve as the Birlings are not the same social class. Pg.1-5

Establish a sense of place
-wearing evening dresses
-they have a maid
-Drinking expensive port
-champagne from France
-good solid furniture
-fairly large suburban house
Dramatic impact- doesn’t know whether Gerald thinks birling is a fool or approves with him (birling). Sheila when she sees the ring ‘is this the one you wanted me to have.’ - emphasises that Sheila is Gerald’s possession. Eric doesn’t believe his father.

Eric doesn’t tell Sheila as it’s ‘man’s business’
Happy family is just a façade
Pg. 6&7
Birling so keen to get a knighthood
Nothing’s going to happen- intrigues audience highly likely something is going to happen foreshadow If you make your own way you’ll crush everyone on the way up. Community and all…linked to girl’s death Have to help people

Goole - ghoul- ghost-mystery surrounding the inspector.
Goole comes in late to build tension and suspense.
Not a push over.
Give him a feeling of sorority
Gives him independence, authority
Speaks slowly so people listen to him
A lot of foreshadowing – ‘don’t get into police court or start a scandal-eh?’ Birling always sells himself the use of ‘I’ shows this
No man is an island entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main. ^no man is entirely independent everyone is connected to each other and we have to support each other and rely on each other. P16-sheila enters

Eric’s fair & empathetic
Seems to support working class
Eric’s initial response Oh my god pg. 11
Quick and without thought
Pg. 15
‘It isn’t if you can’t go and work somewhere else
He could had kept her on instead of thrown her out
Well I think it’s a dam shame.
He wants to use Gerald to boast his business as crofts limited is the better company. The happiness he demonstrates is more for himself rather than the company. For lower costs and higher prices- doesn’t cost him much to do it but charges a lot. Gaining money is more important than anything else. He is greedy materialistic and ruthless. You wanted me to have- shows men are higher than women.

Hard headed business man
- being arrogant & pompous dismissing social rumours.
Possible labour trouble
-strike after strike dismisses problems and unhappiness
Steadily increasing prosperity
-no there are strikes and poverty
Protecting our interest
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