Mr Birling in An Inspector Calls

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In play 'Inspector Calls' written by J B Priestley, Mr Arthur Birling is a prosperous manufacturer as well as father of Eric and Sheila. He is married to Mrs Birling and lives a stable social life. But does this explain everything? We do not know his character, his appearance or any deeper information about his habits. And yet at the end of the play everything is clear. So the question is how did the author let us know about Mr Birling's inside? At the beginning of the play Mr Birling seems to be a very happy man. His daughter is engaged to a son of a very wealthy businessman and he regards it as a joyful occasion. By allowing Eric to speak 'rudely', the audience thinks that he is an emotional type of person because he is focused at the deeper aspects of life. The gesture of raising glasses shows even clearer to the audience that Mr Birling is a caring parent and well-mannered man. However, the first impressions are often misleading. During his speech he suddenly starts to talk about 'lower costs and higher prices'. He is even involving Gerald by talking about possible fusion of his father's company and Birlings Limited. His behaviour clearly shows to audience that Mr Birling in fact is a selfish man who puts business and wealth higher in hierarchy than the happiness of his daughter.

According to his business-like appearance, audience would expect Mr Birling to be a man who thinks about today - not tomorrow and has his feet firmly on the ground. But in fact Mr Birling is quite opposite. He appears to be too optimistic and does not know the impact of his findings. His expression like 'there isn't chance of war' shows the lack of correct judgment. As the audience is certainly form post-WII era, they would know straight away that Mr Birling is mistaken. Due to these circumstances, in eyes of audience, Mr Birling looks like a person with too high self-esteem and who jumps too quickly into conclusions.

Mr Birling could be judged as inconsistent person in his...
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