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COEN 166/266 Overview AgentWorld is a simulated natural environment, populated with competing agents, vegetation, and predators. Agents can consume vegetation (when it is blooming) to increase their energy level. An agent’s energy level will also decrease over time based on their activity. Invocation When the “simworld” executable is run, each of the environments in the Environments directory will be run in succession. Each time that an environment simulation is run, it is populated with all agents from the Agents directory. When a simulation is complete, a history of the simulation is added to the Results directory. Environment The environment is comprised of an unknown-sized grid, with each square containing no more than one of the following items at any time: * Student Agent: Yourself, or another student * Vegetation: The resources your agent will eat to increase its energy level * Predator Agent: An environmentally-controlled agent that wanders the terrain looking for Student Agents to attack. * Boundaries: The edge of the landscape. The following attributes are specified in the environment file: * Size of the world (X and Y dimensions) * Duration of the simulation, in turns * Starting energy level of the agents * For each type of vegetation: - The likelihood of it occurring in a given square - The incubation period (number of turns after it is eaten before it will bloom again) - The bloom patten (how much energy it will be worth after each turn in which it is in bloom) * For each type of predator: - How much damage it can inflict on an agent (in terms of energy lost) - How many turns the predator will survive - How many instances of the predator will be in the environment at any given time Actuators Your agent will be able to perform one of the following actions: STAY: Your agent’s position and orientation will not change. It will, however, lose 1 point of energy. TURN-{RIGHT,LEFT,AROUND}: Your agent’s orientation will change to the (relative)...
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