Information System Briefing

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Information System Briefing
Lisa Kelly Lyon
May 7, 2012
Dr. Paone

Information System Briefing The selection and implementation of and Electronic Medical Record system should not be taken lightly. It is a challenging process and implementation is a long-term commitment. It is important to select an EMR based on the goals of the organization. Most organizations number one priority is always patient care and safety; so the first thing we will want to look at is this feature in an EMR. Accuracy may be a second goal and time management may be a third. Facilitating research should start with a questionnaire for each vendor based on our goals. Technical support, time it will take to implement, and cost also need to be taken into consideration. Once the owner of the company has given a set budget for what can be spent for an EMR, the project manager can get to work.
Coming back to our goals and questions to ask each vendor, there are at least 10 key questions that need to be asked:
“What type of error checking does this system have?”
“How much time does it take to complete a chart, on average?”
“Does this system automatically check for drug interactions?”
“Is the registration process implemented into the program?(i.e. insurance information/demographics”
“Are structured fields included? (i.e. drop down menus, templates, etc.”
“If yes, can the structured fields be altered (added/deleted) to fit the needs of the company?”
“Can prescriptions be printed out or sent vie E-Prescribe?”
“Are there automated print-outs to give patients with directions for care concerning their diagnosis?”
“Are ICD-9 and CPT codes automatically generated with charting?”
“When physicians place an order, how does the EMR system alert the appropriate staff that the patient requires attendance?”
While there are many more questions to be asked, these 10 questions can serve as a guideline for consideration for EMR vendors. This will help to narrow down the search before moving

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