Topics: Employment, Accident, Occupational safety and health Pages: 1 (474 words) Published: October 28, 2014
Q.1. A worker has been seriously injured after being struck by a reversing vehicle in a loading bay. A).Give four reasons why the accident should be investigated. (4) b).Outline information that should be included in the investigation report. (8) c).outline (i) four possible immediate causes (4) (ii) four possible underlying (root) causes (4) A. (a) Indirect Costs In the investigation of the accident the preparation of the necessary reports The temporary replacement or re-training of staff The possible loss of goodwill or business image The detrimental effect on employee moral that may result in reduced efficiency 2.A.Identify two main purposes of first-aid treatment.(20) (Or) Outline the circumstances that may give rise to a need for a HS Policy to be reviewed. (8) (Or) Describe the circumstances that would require a HS Policy to be reviewed. (6) (Or) Outline the circumstances that would require a HS Policy to be reviewed. (6) (Or) Outline the factors relating to the individual that may influence a persons perception of an occupational risk. (6) c. Outline ways in which employees perception of hazards in the workplace might be improved. (6) d. Explain how an understanding of perception can help to improve health and safety performance. (6) Part (a) Perception means the way that people interpret make sense of presented information, for instance, countries. (8) Part (a) Provision of a safe place of work Provision of safe means of access and egress to the place of work Provision of safe systems of work Provision of safe plant and equipment Provision of reasonably competent fellow workers Provision of Adequate level of supervision, information, instruction and training Cooperation with other employers at their workplace Cooperation with their employees (consultation) Part (b) Take reasonable care of their own safety and others affected by their acts or omissions at work. Comply with instruction for, own health and safety and...
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