Topics: Surrealism, Metaphysical art, Giorgio de Chirico Pages: 3 (818 words) Published: May 17, 2013
Erin L. Wollens
Hum 235 79B1
Research Project
December 7, 2012

Before we begin to look at the painting that I have chosen let us first learn a few things and key terms. For this paper we were asked to explore the text, context, subtext and modern significance of a work of art from the time period we are studying. So I feel it is best if I explain to each of you the definition is of these three things. According to our text book, the text is, “any primary source refers to its medium (that is, what it is made of), its form (its outward shape), and its content (the subject it describes).” The word context is used to, “describe the historical and cultural environment. The determine the context, we ask: in what time and place did the artifact originate?” Lastly, the term subtext refers to, “its secondary and implied meanings. The subtext embraces the emotional or intellectual messages embedded in, or implied by, a work of art.” (The Humanistic Tradition, 5th Edition, Preface).

Now that we have the basics out of the way I can share with you some interesting information about the artist that I have chosen. After looking through our text over and over and trying to find an artist who inspired me that would actually require me to do more research I narrowed my choice down to a piece created by Giorgio De Chirico. I decided on this artist because I really like his ideas, for example, “de Chirico explained, there are more enigmas in the shadow of a man who walks in the sun than in all the religions of past, present, and future. De Chirico anticipated a mode of representation known as magic realism, in which commonplace objects and events are exaggerated or juxtaposed in unexpected ways to evoke a mood of mystery of fantasy.” (The Humanistic Tradition, 5th Edition, Chapter 33). De Chirico, by occupation was a painter. He was born on July 10, 1888, in Volos, Greece, and he died on November...

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