Topics: Ancient Egypt, History, Education Pages: 2 (744 words) Published: February 23, 2013
From my own views humanities is the study of humans from different time frames and the cultures and how it changed up until today’s time frame. The development of humanities was established from the modern times when things were done by hand for example farming, when you want fresh food farmers would plant the seed and attend to the farm as needed as far as today’s world artificial food is made and many of it is not health nor does it taste the same. In today’s modern world machines do all the work for you and it has taking away lots of knowledge from today’s society because if machines break down most people would not know how to survive. Also this goes for the different categories such as art/paintings back in the modern day’s paintings where hand painted such as the sisten chapel, it was painted on the celling by man as for today it would most likely be laid by stencil and painted which in that case there’s no hard work put into it. There were significant movements in cultures from the school views as they started out in the ancient Egypt time frame the kids started school at 4yrs old. In ancient Egypt, boys from wealthy families started school at the age of four. Before a child started his first year of school, his father decided what his son's occupation would be in the future. Egyptians were very practical, so kids at schools were taught only the subjects that would be useful in their career. The only boys who were taught mathematics were the ones that were going to be tax collectors. The ability to read and write was considered a very important skill because if you could read and write you could have a well-paid job, and respect of your fellow countrymen. Boys had lessons at the school master's house. They walked there early in the morning carrying a basket with bread cakes and two jugs of beer that their mothers had prepared for lunch. They were dismissed at noon. The lessons consisted of memorization and copying parts of old scripts. The students...
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