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  • Modern Art

    Modern Art Modern Art is loosely defined as the art styles developed between the years of 1860’s and the 1970’s.  It includes the Claude Monet during the impressionism period of 1870-90‚ Van Gogh during the post impressionism period of 1885-1905‚ Ernest Ludwig Kirchner representing the German Expressionism between 1905 and 1925‚ Viadimir Tatlin’s Abstracts from 1907 forward‚ Pablo Picasso’s Cubism from 1907-1915 to name a few.  Further into the 1900’s bought Dada‚ Surrealism‚ Abstract Expressionism

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  • Modern Art Styles

    MODERN ART A brief overview of art styles from the 1900 through to the 1970’s IMPRESSIONISM •Impressionism began in 1874 in France. •It took it’s name from Claude Monet’s “Impression at Sunrise” (1872). •It was a reaction to the precision of images created by the newly invented camera (1853). • Therefore‚ the artists were concerned with capturing the effects of light as it changed through the course of the day. •They began painting outdoors – called plen-air‚ and depicted the weather

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  • Istanbul Museum of Modern Art

    MUSEUM REPORT ‘İSTANBUL MUSEUM of modern art’ ISTANBUL MUSEUM OF MODERN ART History of the Museum In 1987‚ the project of Istanbul Modern arose at the first International Contemporary Art Exhibition‚ namely the International Istanbul Biennial. Nejat F. Eczacıbaşı‚ founder of Istanbul Foundation of Culture and Arts‚ impressed by the dynamism of the exhibition and proceeded to establish a modern art museum which is permanent. The Feshane‚ textile manufacturing factory

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  • Modern Art

    Modern Art? The Post-Industrial Era in which we live in now is characterized by the extraordinary rate in development of technology. In sixty years we have managed to completely redesign every aspect of our lives in a way in which we allow technology to do most of the work. Whether we like it or not technology will keep evolving‚ and as it evolves it will impact aspects of society differently. The evolution of technology has had a very negative impact on artistic values in society and in aesthetics

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  • Graffiti V. Modern Art

    compare & contrast essay 1st hour english 4 8/13 Modern Art or Graffiti Have you ever wondered what graffiti is? How about why modern art looks like it does? Have you ever thought to your self if graffiti and modern art could be compared or contrasted? Well‚ here’s your answer. Modern art‚ like graffiti‚ is based on style‚ but in modern art the style is mainly based on the time‚ not based on expression. In modern art there are many styles a few of such as impressionism‚ fauvism

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  • Slowness In Modern Art

    Increasingly in the world of modern art‚ and especially since the 1970’s‚ there has been a shift towards the aesthetic of slowness. This is particularly in response to the speeding up of the human experience ever since the introduction of modern machines‚ both industrial and digital‚ that cut production and response times in half. Prime examples of these genres of art include open-shutter photography‚ time-lapse photography and mixed media art works. Reigning as an anthology of these works is Lutz

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  • Impressionism In Modern Art

    Impressionism was developed in Paris during the 1860s by artists who rejected the official salons and were consequently shunned by the most powerful art institutions. By turning away from dated ideals‚ the Impressionists aimed to capture the sensory effects of the scene – the impression objects made in an instant. In the similar way the Impressionists did‚ my self-portrait demonstrates short‚ broken strokes that convey forms. In addition‚ there are few‚ pure colors used while emphasizing the effects

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  • Modern Art by Edouard Manet and James Pollock

    To me‚ art means the expression of one’s creative skills or how one expresses themselves and their true feelings. Art produced at the present point in time is called contemporary art‚ which is also known art modern art. Edouard Manet was considered to be the beginning of modern art and James Pollock was considered to be the end. These two artists do differ with their works of art but they are both great artists. Edouard Manet was a French painter whose work inspired the impressionist style. He also

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  • Modern Art

    sculpture‚ painting‚ and music in the Modern Era | Modern art is defined as “art that has been and continues to be created in our lifetime”. This is the current period of art and has been since 1920. Many different movements occurred in the modern era and most of them were very controversial and they changed the way people thought. I chose what I thought was the most vital and important four of the seven areas of artistry. I believe architecture in the modern era is an important area because they

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  • Museum of Modern Art in New York

    Museum of Modern Art in New York Roxanne Briano The Museum of Modern Art in New York City is the world’s leading modern art. Its exhibits have been a major influence in creating and stimulating popular awareness of modern art and its accompanying diversity of its styles and movements. The museum’s outstanding collections of modern painting‚ sculpture‚ drawings‚ and prints range from Impressionisms to current movements. Moreover‚ there are exhibits of modern architecture‚ industrial design‚ sculpture

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