How to Learn Hrm

Topics: Employment, Management, Recruitment Pages: 9 (1627 words) Published: January 16, 2013
To give you an idea of what is important to learn, I constructed some questions. The answers can be found on the slides and the book.
Good luck learning.

1. give the definitions of Management, manager and HRM
the inspiring person leading group of people, to reach together with a specific goal. And who is responsible for the (common) result managing
taking care that human qualities are utilized
Human resource management:
methodically and systematically recruit, develop a utilize human potential (assets) for both human and organization. Is the direction of organizational systems to ensure that human talent is used effectively and efficiently to accomplish organizational goals. 2. Why is HRM getting more important since we shift from an industrial into a knowledge economy? (know 4 items) • Industrial -> knowledge economy

- short life time cycle products
- knowledge is getting more important than machinery
- development and speed success factors
- getting and keeping skilled personnel important
- ‘Quality’ is distinctive (continuous improvement) - different role management
So HRM becomes more important

3. Which are the objectives for HRM?
1. Staffing
(job analysis, workforce planning & forecasting,
Recruiting candidates,
Testing & selecting)
2. Managing employee relation
Keeping the good ones
- collective bargaining (unions)
- fair treatment (blocks of fairness), careers (from hiring to retirement), discipline and privacy, two way communications, dismissals compensating (how much to pay)
- protecting safety & health
2. Training, development
Prepare them for the future
Use and develop human assets, learn continuously, exchange knowledge, appraising performance 4. Adjustments needed to fit HR policies, business strategies 4. draw figure 1.1 (HRM management activities)

5. Which are the trends we will see with workforce and hrm?
• People, specially higher educated, change more often (< 5 years with one boss?) (So: what to do to prevent knowledge and experience going away?) • It takes longer to get people fully introduced and trained to the job (more and more complicated) • (Interdisciplinary) teams are getting more and more important (like footballteam) • Focus more in direction: what is the potential of somebody) • Stress and demotivation because of workload or bad organisation, RSI 6. Which ‘dimensions’ of job satisfaction do you know? ( see also additional sheets) • individual factors (personality, education, age, needs (Maslow)) • social factors (co-workers, norms, informal organisation…) • cultural factors (beliefs, values,…)

• organisational factors (formal structure, personnel policies, leadership, working conditions,…) • environmental factors (economic, social, technical influences,…) 7. which factors influence job satisfaction?

Factors with a particular influence on job satisfaction

• stress at work
• work organisation and job design (=>)
• quality of work life
• flexible work arrangements
• Self-managing teams
• quality circles
• work/life balance
8. What does “job design” mean?
Job design

Job design is concerned with the relationship between workers and the nature and content of jobs, and their task functions 9. Mention 5 core job dimensions.
5 core job dimensions
skills variety
task identity
task significance
10. Mention 3 important approaches in job design (tink about: task rotation,…) and explain what they mean. job rotation (circulation)
moving a person from one task to another
job enlargement
horizontal job design: it makes a job structurally bigger job enrichment
vertical job enlargement: it aims at giving a person greater autonomy and authority over...
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