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“fitting in”
B120 TMA02
Part 1
November 2012


Contents page Pg 2 Executive summary Pg 3 1.0 Problem analysis and solution

2.1 A description of the HRM-related work problem that I have encountered and why I think it relates well to my chosen study session. Pg 4 2.2 Analysis of my experience using my chosen concept. Pg 4 2.3 Proposed solutions to the problem. Pg 6 2.0 Useful information from the internet. Pg 6 3.0 References Pg 7

William Curley- C2988169

Executive summary

This report is a study of an employee’s problematic situation at work. The situation was analysed using the session 3, book 2 of the B120. The analysis identified that lack of “induction and socialisation” was a major factor, and also identified some potential solutions. There are also websites that explain in further detail the concepts used.

William Curley- C2988169

1.0 Problem analysis and solution
2.1 In June 2009 I started a new job with a debt management company in a telesales cold calling role. It was a huge office of over 150 people therefore it was a very fast paced environment, it was also very modern and clean and seemed a great place to work. After a few weeks I felt as if I was working alone, I had never been approached by or had a conversation with anyone which not only made my days long I also felt as I had no help or adequate training. This of course affected my work I felt lost and it was not long before my low sales numbers was noticed by my superiors. It was around 5 weeks in when I started to receive real pressure about my performance, I did protest that I felt I had not had adequate training but was ignored. After 1 more week I decided to leave for another company. 2.2 Using the “Induction and socialisation” concept (Session 3, book 2) it is clear to see that the company mentioned was lacking these HRM policies. As important as a big modern office is, the induction and socialisation of each employee is absolutely vital in creating a successful working environment. A new employee’s entry into a business is crucial and, done badly, results in the high costs of the newcomer feeling unhappy, demotivated and unclear about what is expected of them (Session 3, book

William Curley- C2988169

2). It is clear that the employee was not inducted or trained properly, which resulted in him being on the sales floor lacking confidence and being below par in regards to company standards. After being inducted a new employee needs to feel they are “fitting in”, Socialisation in the workplace is important to establishing a sense of community and a workplace culture where people are motivated (socialization, eHow). The employee did not feel part of any socialisation and therefore felt uncomfortable and isolated. These factors cause an employee to not only fall behind but to hesitate to ask for help when he feels he needs it. It doesn’t matter how you recruit employee’s if they are not trained to your standards and do not feel comfortable within the company, they will never perform as you would desire. In this case an employee with no confidence in their ability was not only left to there own devices with no offer of help, they were given unrealistic targets and was pressurised when they failed to reach them. This obviously led to the employee feeling even more isolated and it was not very long before he eventually had enough and left his position. Some people may argue that the employee could not handle the pressure and was not up to the job. They may also say that the “sink or swim” policy...

References: The Open University (2006) B120 An introduction to business studies, Book 2 ‘An introduction to human resource management in business’, Milton Keynes
William Curley- C2988169
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