Hemispheres United Notes

Topics: Americas, Colonialism, Indigenous peoples of the Americas Pages: 3 (1153 words) Published: November 5, 2014

Chapter 11Hemispheres United
Social: Emperor Yongle commands Zheng He to perform voyages to reassert China’s power Gave expensive gifts to people along the way
Political: The Ming discouraged extensive contact with foreigners and stopped voyages Interaction Between Humans and the Environment: During expeditions, exotic animals were brought to China Cultural: Changing attitudes toward the Middle Kingdom’s relationship with the world Voyages vs. isolationism

Economic: Trade is vital to China, but could bring harm
Money needed to contain nomadic attacks
Social: Portugal and Spain had a hard time trading due to the trade alliance between Venice, Genoa, and Muslim states Political: Catholic leader of Spain expelled all Jews
Led to new centralized political power
Provided incentive to spread Christianity
Interaction Between Human and the Environment: Caravel allowed exploration of shallow coastal areas and rivers Cultural: Henry the Navigator created the navigation school
Economic: Spanish government invested in exploration of new world (Christopher Columbus) The Treaty of Tordesillas
Social: Spain and Portugal had opposing views of who should control new lands Political: Treaty of Tordesillas created to split new land between Spain and Portugal Interaction Between Human and the Environment: Spain commissioned Ferdinand Magellan First to circumnavigate the globe

Cultural: Muslims, Buddhists, and Hindus had little interest in converting to Christianity Economic: Portuguese had to be content with quick trade profits Seldom settled in ports they controlled
The Spanish Empire in the Americas
Social: Conquistadors converted many to Christianity while taking over the empires of the Americas Political: Spanish conquistadors took over Aztec capital (Hernán Cortés) and later on defeated Incas (Francisco Pizarro) Aztec rivals helped in defeat of Aztecs

Guns, germs, and steel responsible for...
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