Essay On Aztec Geography

Topics: Aztec, Mexico City, Mesoamerica, Mexico / Pages: 4 (814 words) / Published: May 20th, 2016
Student Name: Seri Thompson
Geographical Setting: What continent? What Landforms? What important Places?

The Aztec geography was very different than other cultures. The Aztecs settled in a central Mexican valley, almost everything that they did was related to their environment. Before the Aztecs settled on the Mexican valley, they were nomads. They traveled from place to place never settling until they found their capital, Tenochtitlan, which is now modern day Mexico city.
Tenochtitlan was located on an island in the middle of Lake Texcoco. It was swampy but a dry place to live and the Aztecs had to adapt to their surroundings. Their city was located in a tropical climate zone so it was usually warm. There average temperature was around 77 F. This is the Aztecs Geography and how it was different from other cultures.

Political (Leadership, citizenship, decision-making institutions)

The political system and leaders that the Aztecs had was unique and had unexpected twists. The Aztecs became an empire around 1500 AD. The way that they ruled was that they lived in city states, so
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The kept slaves and war captives to use for work. They also had three classes, Nobles, artisans and commoners. The Nobles were entitled to receive tribute from the commoners in form of goods, service or labor. The nobles also showed their wealth by wearing fancy clothes and jewlery. The Artisans had their own self- governing class and had some wealth. The commoners had neighborhood wards that were led by a single nobleman and a council of of common elders. The Aztecs had limited women's roles in society, the women usually stayed at home to watch over the kids, cook, and make textiles. The men had a bigger role usually farming and becoming warriors. The boys received more education than girls, learning religion and how to become a warrior by the age of 15. The girls were taught limited education at home. This is the Aztec social class

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