Functions of Philosophy

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The functions of philosophy are the uses of the subject to us as individuals and as members of a society. Some contemporary thinkers called the Analytic philosophers see philosophy as a study that essentially simplifies and analyses issues and statements pertaining to other subjects in order to enable us understand them better.

The functions of philosophy are explained as follows:
1.Analytical Function
This has to do with the analysis and clarification of ideas, issues, and statements to enable us understand the subject matters of other disciplines. This analytical function is considered to be the primary function of philosophy.

2.Speculative and Normative Function
The mind is a very essential instrument for doing philosophy. The mind is one gift to man which enables him to think about himself, the people around him and the world in general. With it he can speculate about things he is not sure of; he can imagine things that are possible and even those that are not possible. It is to be noted however, that, when we think about things or speculate on issues it is done within the context of our social and cultural environment.

3.Inspirational Function
The educational process is constantly inspired by philosophers. Such works as Plato’s Republic and others like it have become the reference book for many educators because they obtain a lot of insight from these books to guide their activities. For one thing, every society has its ideal and thus, strives to attain it. Plato’s ideal in the Republic is one in which education serves as an important criterion for assigning social positions and responsibilities. It is therefore, believed that, people should be educated in order to enable them achieve self-fulfillment. Even though Plato’s society does not pretend to strive for equality of all people, it is still a model to inspire the Kenyan educator in his effort to bring about a measure of equality in society.

4.Prescriptive Function
Every nation has its...
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