Topics: Selfishness, Happiness, Egoism Pages: 3 (952 words) Published: January 28, 2014
Compare Browne and Nagel and give their arguments for why we should, or should not, be selfish. Give your own opinion and justify it.

Harry Browne “The unselfishness Trap” page 153
Nagel “ The objective Basis of Morality” page 121

-Word count on the first page 1500-2500 words
-Work site and bibliography
-Give the authors reason for their view
- Give your opinion for your view
-Are there any possible objections to your view, if so what are they -Write as if someone who never read the articles, were to read your essay

The unselfishness Trap p153
-“He objects the view of moralist that we should put others happiness ahead of our own” p153 -“ If we were all to sacrifice our own happiness for the sake of others, eventually no one would be happy” p153 - Browne uses a concept that he calls the “Merry-go-round” that has no ultimate purpose or end p154 - Instead of using the term selfish we should give “prudential generosity” p154 - Browne grounds his views on psychological egoism, believes that we follow everything by a single motive “self-love” p154 - Unselfishness trap : the belief that you must be the happiness of others before your own - Everyone motive is doing what he believes will assure his happiness A better world?

A unselfish world
He uses the example of a red ball, pretend that red ball is happiness that you can obtain if you kept the red ball. But because we are to live in an unselfish world you would keep on throwing the ball to the next person, and that person would throw it to the next person, etc. When will the ball throwing end? It won’t everyone has to wait until that ONE selfish person to take the ball from themselves. Negative Choices

The consequences of being selfish seen by others
You’re putting aside your plans and desires in order to avoid the condemnation of others “When the reason for your actions is to avoid being called selfish, youre making a nefative decision and thereby restricting...
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