Philosophers Big Questions

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Philosophers Big Questions PHIL201 - 1401A – 03
January 5, 2014

What is real?
As a child I found myself asking that question about many things like is God real, monsters under the bed, Big foot and ghosts (Still working on that one). As an adult, I have found out the answers to my questions. God is 100% real in my life and I have found this through reading the Bible, going to church and having bible studies, monster’s under the bed got solved at 10, Bigfoot was just about the hype and ghosts I believe are real. Is the physical world more or less real than the spiritual or psychological world? This is a hard one because of the psychological aspect. Let us start with Physical and spiritual worlds, for me they are the same no more no less. Now the psychological world is real to some people, we cannot see it but the people living in it will say it is real. For me it is real because the emotions and experiences are real but it is not real because I cannot feel or see it for myself. Is there such a thing as a soul? And if so, how does it survive outside of a physical body? Yes, I was taught that we have a soul/spirit and when we die; our soul/spirit can go down to hell or up to heaven. I do not have an answer for how the soul/spirit survives outside the physical body; sometimes we do not have answer or have not asked the right question. Do all people have free will, or are lives determined by fate? I believe it’s both, God gives use the free will and it’s up to use to make the right decision and he also has a plan for our lives(fate).If we walk down the path not shown to us ( that’s where free will comes in) then it could change our fate. Epistemology:

How is anything known?
I find myself asking this question a lot.
What is the basis for knowledge? Is it innate reason, experience, or something else? I believe the basis of knowledge comes from experience. Going through life, I have learned through trial and error. As a teacher to 12 to 24 month olds, it was clear to me that in order to teach them I had to let them experience the lessons on their own. Is all knowledge subjective, or are there some universal truths? What is the relationship between faith and reason? Faith is something you do not see but you know it is there. Reason is the explanation of the belief and why you have it. What can artificial intelligence teach people about knowledge? It teaches us that knowledge is infinite and though we may know of answers, we do not know it all. What are the limits of human understanding? We do not have limits. We only limit ourselves to so many possibilities.

What is the right thing to do?
This is a tricky question, sometimes when you think something is right it may not actually be the right thing you do. We can only do our best to judge the situation and pray it was the right way to handle it. What does it mean to be a good person?

Being a good person means having integrity, being selfless, treating others as you expect to be treated, and caring for others that are in need of your help expecting nothing in return. Does virtue lead to happiness?

I have to say this is another hard question to answer. I had to look up the word virtue and this is what I found. The definition of Virtue -moral excellence; goodness; righteousness..After reading it I have to say no and my reason is because the only way for me to be truly happy is through my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, no matter what I do in my life time if he is not the center then what I do does not matter. I will never be perfect and only he is righteous Do the ends justify the means, or is a virtuous action virtuous in and of itself? It depends on your relationship with God, your ethics and how far you are willing to go no matter the consequence. For me a virtuous action is virtuous in and of itself. I try to do the right thing that is morally and ethically...
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