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socJoey Torres
Sociology 101
July 24, 2013

Structural Functionalism

The structural theory sees the family as a social group that preforms certain essential functions for society. If these functions are not carried out then the family is odd or known to be dysfunctional. The family is like our body that has different parts and each part has a different function. The family is the backbone of the society and if it fails to pass on certain values and attitudes to its members then society will be affected. in our society today we could see that little respect is shown to the elderly, teachers and other persons in authority as a result of this we have a myriad of problems in our schools and in the society in general. The values and proper manner has been lost. The theory goes on to say that each family preforms four main functions; sex, procreation, economic, and socialization. In every family the father performs important roles such as a hard worker while the wife is more of the home maintainer. One flaw with this theory is it does not cover families outside of the ideal family.  Therefor my single parent family is not considered in this section. There are many factors that may cause a breakdown in family structure.  In my family chores are shared. I am the one that maintains the yard while my younger sibling takes care of inside chores. Every family is different to the way they structure things around the house. This can be caused from religion, beliefs, and morals learned from the past. Structural functionalism occurs in many ways and every family is an example of that.
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