Form 2 Science

Topics: Science, Human rights, Question Pages: 2 (640 words) Published: March 28, 2013
In Areas Of Knowledge Such As Arts And The Sciences Do We Learn More From The Work That Follows Or Work That Breaks Accepted Conventions?

First of all we must look at how art and the sciences came into existence .Dancing , singing , talking , walking , running , eating are all in a their own ways forms of art. The same applies for the sciences. How could have dance, singing and all of these come into existence? By following accepted conventions? No! Only by breaking them. People at the beginning may have set a trend of being courteous and behaving well. But when one person thought of breaking this accepted convention and letting loose and dancing, breaking all barriers and expressing his emotions, only then did dance come into existence. If he just followed the convention we would not have even known about or to dance today. We all come to see that people, who break these conventions for the good, transform into leaders. If we just follow the rest, we become just one among millions. People in olden days never ever thought about why objects fell down and did not go up. They just followed the others by being ignorant of this fact. But this all changed, when one man, Isaac Newton questioned this phenomenon, and experimented and finally found out about this force called Gravity which would come to play a major role in the field of science. If he had just followed the rest he or we would not have learned so much about this force. Imagine the amount of knowledge that he would have gained by breaking this accepted convention because even today it takes us so much of time and energy to register every single aspect about this force he is trying to convey to us. Here again we see he has gained so much more knowledge by questioning and learning rather than, like us, just follow what he has said. If we ourselves question we will surely learn much more. By questioning and understanding the amount of clarity we get is amazing. So rather than just following accepted...
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