Fashion Marketing

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FASHION MARKETING_ The connection between the designers and their public.

How do the clothes reach the public and the target consumers after they are designed and fabricated? That is where the Fashion Marketing team comes in. Fashion Marketing combines the elements of advertising, design and business administration, as well as a solid understanding of the fashion world, in order to take a new clothing line and get it the attention it needs to be successful.

Who would be more interested in a red A-line skirt with blue embroidery: a new mother or a 15 year-old girl? These are the questions a good Fashion Marketer must be prepared to ask and answer when working with a new clothing line. Fashion Marketers have a good sense of popular culture and on what will be stylish in the future. In a sense, they are the visionaries of the field who not only recognize what will be successful and which consumer group will be the most interested, but know how to market the clothes to these target groups.

MARKET - A market is any place where goods, services or rights will be exchanged (normally for money). The sociological definition of a market is: a place where needs are meeting solutions.

MARKETING MIX_ Product, Price, Place, Promotion
- PRODUCT - The right product (wide range of shoe, apparel and equipment products) - PRICE - Sold at the right price (Pricing) – market and consumers opinion research - PLACE - In the right place, transporting and storing goods (distribution method), and then making them available for the customer (accessible store locations)(multi-brand and exclusive Nike stores|200 countries) - PROMOTION - Using the most suitable promotion – ADVERTISING (Athletes endorsement and sponsoring events)

CORPORATE IDENTITY_ The Big Picture, The Strategy

BRAND IDENTITY_ Brand elements are those trademarkable devices that identify and differentiate the brand; they are often the most tangible representation of the brand - Branding: the process of building a positive collection of perceptions about your business in your customers’ minds. Name (Nike)

Logo - is the brandmark or symbol that serves as the face to a brand (Swoosh) Slogan, Claim (Just Do It)
Level of awareness
Price stability
Stable quality / Self-similarity – Workmanship/ Finishing, Fit, Material/Patterns, Similar details, Quality Ubiquity – Availability
Customer relationship / Loyalty
- USP - A unique selling proposition is a description of the qualities that are unique to a particular product or service and that differentiate it in a way which will make customers purchase it rather than its rivals. USP is different from the slogan! (Professional athletes from around the world use Nike. - When you buy a Nike, you buy shoes that are made for professional athletes.)

2. CORPORATE COMMUNICATION – set of activities involved in managing and orchestrating the brand image among stakeholders (investors) on which the company depends. (different from Marketing Communication that’s designed (uniquely) to influence consumers to purchase the goods and services) - Public Relations (Office) / Press Agent - A public relations specialist is responsible for managing the brand’s public image and getting people talking about the company’s products or services. The major function of the public relation office is to handle press releases, support product publicity, create and maintain the corporate image, handle matters with lawmakers, guide management with respect to public issues. - Press contacts (to journalists, editors & advertising departments) - Media management (print material, homepage, business reports ...) - Briefing and support of external advertising- and web Agencies - Event organization (press-meetings, fashion shows ...)

- Internal communication (trainings, intranet, events...)
- Trainings (media, content ...)
- Sponsoring
- Support on tradeshows,

- Sales Promotion - is an incentive tool used to...
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