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Recruitment and Selection
The recruitment and selection of highly motivated employees with applicable knowledge, skills, abilities, and other attributes, remains critical to the success of any organization. Equally important is the ongoing monitoring and evaluation of employee performance to ensure the ongoing profitability and growth of their respective organizations. Organizations can gain a substantial competitive advantage by ensuring that the correct competencies are duly identified and that employees are appropriately rewarded for their contributions through the many human resources programs that are available to employees.

This course will provide students with the appropriate tools needed to recruit and select employees, identify related competencies, identify performance appraisal methods, and evaluate the effectiveness of these programs within the context of our Canadian legal framework.

This course enables students to identify the appropriate recruiting methods for locating and attracting different types of candidates, explains the key steps in the selection process, evaluates the validity of various selection techniques, and describes various performance appraisal methods. We will consider the strategies and problems in personnel decisions in the context of the Canadian environment. More specifically, topics include job analysis and manpower planning, recruitment and selection tools, human rights legislation in Canada, the practice of recruitment and selection in Canada, decision-making strategies in personnel recruitment and selection, and many means of assessing performance once a person in actually on the job. (a)


Provide an appreciation of the legislative constraints associated with staffing and performance assessment.
Understand the importance of validation.
Develop the critical ability necessary to evaluate HR systems Develop the expertise necessary to develop behaviorally-based selection and appraisal tools.
Provide opportunities for students to improve their interpersonal skills, through ongoing discussions within and across teams.
Provide students with opportunity to critically assess recruitment and selection systems within an organizational setting.


Recruitment and Selection 2009-2010

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to: 1. Describe the socioeconomic context under which recruitment and selection occur in Canada, and the internal and external constraints that exist for these programs. Enabling Objectives:

1. Explain the importance and relevance of recruitment and selection to Canadian organizations. 2. Describe the impact of the global economy, technology, and a changing workforce on recruitment and selection. Recruitment and selection may be affected by: • Diversity

• Education
• Workplace adjustments
• Job displacement
• Organizational restructuring
• Contingent Employment
3. Describe the economic context in which recruitment and selection take place. 4. Describe recruitment and selection within the context of a large organizational system, and the human resources management system in particular.

5. Explain which professional associations and groups in Canada have a stake in recruitment and selection.
6. Describe the basic ethical issues found in recruitment and selection. Chapter 1-An Introduction to Recruitment and Selection
2. Effectively assess tools used in recruitment and selection through scientific methods. Enabling Objectives:
1. Explain the difference between information discovered through scientific and non-scientific ways of knowing (Non-scientific methods, method of authority, method of rationalization and Intuition).

2. Describe the scientific method and several different types of research strategies (observational/correlational designs, quasi-experimental designs and experimental designs). 3. Explain the important role that measurement...
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