Examination System (Unfinished)

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The purpose of the system is to develop Online Examination System., used to test the Domain knowledge of the students, and employees with respect to the particular technology. The manual procedure used for conducting exam is time consuming process and error prone due to human limitations. The System purpose is to completely automate the old manual procedure of conducting exam to Online Web Based Examination System. Chapter I

In modern age, Information Technological advancement has minimized the whole world. Advancement of technology gave lots of benefits for all business industries using it. With the use of advance technology, transaction became more fast, accurate and effective. As time passes by computers became more useful for every transaction being made. Modernization in every transaction became more popular as it reached even small organizations like school. School is one of the organizations that need advancement, because in this institution many transactions are made like entrance examination. Entrance examination is one of the most popular system especially in the school, because before you enroll or enter the school you must take the entrance examination to test your skill whether you're qualify or not. SYSTEM CURRENTLY APPLIED

The study was conducted due to existing manual procedure in the transaction and process of the examination sytsem of Avance Technical Education Center Inc. (AVTEC) encounter problem such as: Statement of the problem

The proponents found out during the interview that there's some error in their current examination system like: General Problem
The slow process of calculating the results of the examination because it is done manually. It fails to perform flexibility and accuracy in the examintaion process and the unsafe storage of records that may cause lost of examination papers. Specific Problem

- Lack of security in monitoring the big number of examinees - Lack of manpower in handling the big number of examinees
- Lack of security in keeping the examination papers
- Time consuming in checking the examination papers
Objective of the study
The proponents aims to do the following tasks to improve the current examination system of Avance Technical Education Center Inc. (AVTEC) General Objective
The general objective of this study is to create an online examination system that can provide flexibility and accuracy in the examintaion process and safe storage where no examination papers will be lost. Specific Objectives

- To create a module that will reduce opportunity for cheating. - To create a module that can handle the big number of examinees - To create a module that will secure the examination papers. - To create a module that will lessen the time in checking the examination papers

This study covers the process of examination system done at Avance Technical Education Center Inc. (AVTEC). This research is for the improvement of the existing examination system of Avance Technical Education Center Inc. (AVTEC) that can give the result of the exam automatically. In this process the institution can now get the result of the exam faster and more accurate. it also have a database that can compile examinees record. Limitation

The proposed system cannot do the following actions like compute how many examinees per day because the system is focused on the examination system only. The system can only get the result after you take the exam and tell whether you passed or not. CHAPTER II

Review of Foreign Literature
Justification of the Study
The related studies discuss same studies with the proponents, but as you read you can notice that there is a difference between the two studies. The proposed study by the proponents a more advance and more complicated. The proponents study also had some idea came from the users and clients which give more points when done.

There is also a requested...
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