Computerized Scholarship Examination System

Topics: Psychometrics, Test, Standardized test Pages: 4 (1240 words) Published: July 30, 2011
Among the important and very significant services that are related to the institutional development is giving scholarship examination to the incoming freshmen students. In fact, a scholarship exam is the greatest attraction for students to enroll in any academic institution. This will serve as a motivation for the parents to enroll their children at school because a scholarship exam will help lessen their burdens such as paying the tuition fees, miscellaneous and other school fees. The perceived high costs of a tertiary education act as significant deterrent. By means of giving scholarship exam, schools could render their services to those students who are really in need. All of this, offering scholarship exam to the incoming freshmen students will contribute much to the development of the school. The international culture of scholarship grant by any academic institution is also a practice of PhilCST. Currently, Philippine college of Science and Technology administer the exam through manual process, wherein the incoming freshmen students will be scheduled for the date of their scholarship examination. On the said schedule they will be gathered in a large room for them to take the exam in a pen-and-paper manner. The Scholarship examination personnel will give the students a time frame to finish the exam and after that all answer sheets and questionnaires will be collected for checking. The checking of the exam will take some time to be finished due to the large number of examinees. The personnel will then give a date or schedule for the examinees to come back for the results of their exam. The problems being encountered by the Exam personnel starts during the exam proper wherein the exam personnel takes a lot of time arranging the examinees in their seat arrangements and distributing the exam questionnaires. After doing so, the exam personnel will give the examinees a time frame for them to finish their exam. The checking of...
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