English Idioms

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IdiomMeaningExample Sentences

Act like an ape
behave badly, wildly, foolishlyAiman has been acting like an ape ever since his girlfriend, Filzah left him.

Her bark is worse than her bite
someone’s words are worse than their action
You shouldn’t worry about her. Her bark is worse than her bite and she is really a very nice person

Bull in a china shopa person with no tact who upsets others or upsets plans
Haziq is like a bull in a china shop so you should be careful if you invite him to your house for the weekend.

Cat get one’s tonguecan’t speak because of shyness
The cat must have got her tongue. Farrah did not say anything at all. Cat nap

a short sleep taken during the dayI had a cat nap during the afternoon so I would feel refreshed in the evening.

Change horses in midstream

make new plans or choose a new leader in the middle of an important activity
They have decided to change lawyers but Hana told them that they shouldn’t change horses in midstream. Copycat
someone who copies another person’s work etc.
Zairi is a copycat according to the other students in the class Curiosity killed the cat
being too nosy may lead a person into troubleYou shouldn’t worry about what he is doing. Remember curiosity killed the cat Dark horse
a candidate little known to the general publicHe was a dark horse in the race to be President until he gave some good speeches on TV. Dog-eat-dog
ready or willing to fight and hurt others to get what one wantsIt is a dog-eat-dog world outside the father said to his young son. Donkey’s years a very long timeI talked to Balqis for a long time because I hadn’t seen her in donkey’s years.

Dumb bunny
stupid or gullible personJustin really is a dumb bunny. I can’t believe that he can do such stupid things.

Eager beaver

a person who is always eager to work or do something extraShe is a real eager beaver and I am sure she will do very well in this company.

Eat like a horse
eat a lotAzril’s sister who is 14 years old eats like a horse. Every dog has his day

everyone will have his chance or turn; everyone will get what he deservesDon’t worry about Alya. Every dog has his day and he will eventually suffer for all the bad things that he is doing. Fraidy-cat

someone who is easily frightened (used by children)The little boy called his friend a fraidy-cat because he wouldn’t climb the tree.

Get on one’s high horsebehave with arroganceBalkish is always getting on her high horse and telling people what to do. Get off one’s high horse
begin to be humble and agreeableI wish that she would get off her high horse and begin to think about how other people feel about things. Go whole hog

do something completely or thoroughlyThey went whole hog in their effort to make sure that the convention was a success Hold one’s horses

wait, be patientHold your horses for a moment while I make a phone call. Holy cow

used to express strong feelings like astonishment, pleasure or angerHoly cow he said as he saw the car that had hit the street lamp. Horse around

rough or noisy playThe teacher told us to stop horsing around and get ready for class. Horse of a different colour

something totally separate and differentMoving to a new location is a horse of a different colour. It was never mentioned in any of our meetings. Kangaroo court
a self-appointed group that decides what to do to someone who is supposed to have done wrong.

It was decided in a kangaroo court that he would have to pay for the damage that he had caused to the school building.

Lead a dog’s life

work hard and be treated unkindlyAmirul is leading a dog’s life since he married Amiera who everyone told him not to. Let sleeping dogs lie
don’t make trouble if you don’t have toYou should let sleeping dogs lie and not ask him any questions about the argument.. Let the cat out of the bag
tell something that is supposed to be a secretShe...
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