Futrell Case 9

Topics: Sales, Customer service, Selling Pages: 4 (1056 words) Published: November 18, 2008
Farm Machinery for America changes sales compensation plan and the foreign competition. Gravin think that company’s recruiting program was hiring wrong people to sell their product. Farm Machinery for America needs new salesperson for the central Texas sales territory.

1. Dyanne Long
2. Scott Harrison
3. William Lennon

1.Dyanne Long
According to her resume, I think that she has good relationship and coordinated with the buyers when she worked in department manager and buyer position. Also she has responsibility for people who works with her and merchandise activities. She already trained by Farm Machinery for America which was her father’s dealership. I assume that she has great skill in customer care and has good management working force. She was promoted four times She graduated with honors that mean she is intelligent. She is attractive such as appearance can appeal to customer she might have good conversation skill as well. Sometimes women deal with men as well. So she might good salesperson with retailer men. It may also disadvantage. Disadvantages

She works with clothing lines for longtime. She should not able to free for traveling because her strength might more decline than usual man. Most of the retailer shop owners are men so she needs to deal with men. It is causing problem. I already discuss above in advantage parts. Farm Machinery for America sells farm equipment but she used to sell dress shirts. It is hardware so she maybe has low interest in farm equipments. Also it might more hardworking than she used do. She might not likable I think.

2.Scott Harrison
He seems able to sell farm equipments better than others because he used to work at farm equipment dealership. When he was working in Courtesy Ford, he was selling automobiles and great salesman in 2nd place for 1989 – 1990. From this knowledge, he might have great communication with...
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