Andrew Johnson Was a Fearless

Andrew Johnson was a fearless, brave, noble, and inspired person, blind to the subtleties of human relations, deaf to the words of others, and convinced that he and he alone knew the truth. One word to describe him, pigheaded, and certainty not like some of our other contemporary political leaders. He was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth, though more like a silver foot in his mouth. Johnson 's father died when he was four; there was no money left, so he was sent out as an apprentice when he was nine. He never went to school, but taught himself to read when he was seventeen. He became a tailor and ended up in Greeneville, Tennessee when he was twenty-two. In his 20’s he learned that he was good not only as a tailor, but at "stumping.” Stumping was known as getting up and letting go with a speech. No radio, no television, no YouTube, no instant messaging in those days, if you wanted to hear something besides the crickets in the grass and the cows in the field, you went to the nearest town to participate in the best pastime of them all: political stump speakers. Johnson was known as one of the best stumpers in America. He also knew how to win public office (governor of Tennessee, member of U. S. House of Representatives and the U. S. Senate, Vice-President), but he did not believe in wheeling-and-dealing, horse-trading, charming the opposition, and, as everyone knew, he could not be bought.
Andrew Johnson supported Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War and was the only Southern senator who refused to join the Confederacy. He made it clear that he was fighting for the Union and not the elimination of slavery. He openly told the people of Tennessee: "I believe slaves should be in subordination and I will live and die so believing." In May 1862, Lincoln rewarded Johnson for his loyalty by making him military governor of Tennessee. Abraham Lincoln originally selected General Benjamin Butler as his vice-presidential candidate. Butler had been a member of the

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