Educational Planning Matrix

Topics: High school, Middle school, Primary school Pages: 4 (551 words) Published: April 8, 2013

This program aims to:
1.Enhance school head’s competence and effectiveness in supervisory functions in school management 2.Conduct a 5-day training-workshop for school heads on school management and supervision 3.Widen views and gain more insights on school management and supervision through an educational trip and school visits

1.Answer assessment tools i.e. TDNASH (Training Development Needs and Assessment for School Heads) 2.Identify the strengths and weaknesses of school heads

B.Formulation of Policy
1.Creation of executive orders for training-workshops of school heads on school management 2.Establishment of memoranda on educational trip and school visits of school heads in the various locations in the province of Guimaras

C.Costing of Future Needs
1.Cost of Materials
a.For the executive orders and sending out

1 reambond paper (8.5”x11”)P120/reamP120
1 cartridgeBlack inkP400/cartridgeP400
3 cartridgesColored inkP400/cartridgeP1200
100 pcsWhite envelope(legal)P.50/pcP50

Grand TotalP1770

Transportation Expenses- P1000
Postage Fee- P500
Messenger’s Fee – P500

2.Training-Workshop Expenses
a.For the Resource Speakers (5 speakers)
Food and Accommodation – P8000
Resource Speakers’ Honoraria – P12500
b.For the 5-day Training-Workshops
Workshop materials(kits) – P10000
Food (snacks and lunches) – P25000
Accommodation – P15000
Documentation – P2000

3.Educational Trip
Transportation Expenses – P10000

4.School Visits
Transportation Expenses – P10000

D.Establishment of Priorities and Target Setting
The participants are all school heads in the Province of Guimaras which covers 17 high school and 8 districts of elementary school.

E.Feasibility Testing
All school heads are expected to attend the training and enjoined to participate in the...
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