Deadly Persuasion Lesson Plan

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Lesson Plan
The Deadly Persuasion

Every day, we are exposed to some form of advertisement. We believe this has become society’s means of communication. Good or bad, harmful or useful, advertisements are everywhere. They influence how we see the world and distort our perception on the way we should speak, look, and behave. We are aware that advertisement is all around, but no one really knows the lengths that companies go to grab our attention.

Our objective is to teach our peers the powerful control advertising has on our daily agenda. Advertising is omnipresent; therefore, we want our class to understand that their presence is what manipulates us daily. Whether the ads are in magazines, billboards, television, or people, we all can relate, as we are all made victims to their impactful pressures. Our decisions that we make are now dictated by what companies want us to do. We are brainwashed to think that the products and behavior we engage in is our decision, when in reality, advertisements are subliminally imprinted in our heads.

Being early adults, many of us engage in social networking, music, movies, magazines, and television. These are main gateways to our minds according to many popular companies. Alcohol, appearance, tobacco use, food, love, and women are all popular topics that companies use to persuade us. By creating a power point which gives our peers examples of many popular propaganda, we can show you firsthand, how exactly companies can brainwash us. We can provide the class with popular website, television, and magazine advertisements that many of us can relate with. Channels, magazines, and websites such as MTV, VH1, YouTube, Pandora, Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Maxim, or GQ magazine, face book, twitter, and even the popular Google, are all companies that we use daily. These are all easy portals to our brain in which manipulate how we spend our money as well as behave.

We can use a virtual aid in teaching the class by actually visiting...
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