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After watching the presentation "Assumptions of Adult Learners- An Introduction to Andragagony" and looking back on my own personal experiences I believe Adults learn because of their desire to learn. As a child in K-12 you go to school and learn because you have to, but once you graduate high school you are free to make your own choices about what you learn or where you go to school. At this point I feel like you are learning because of your desire to learn, not the feeling like you have to learn. This is the point in most people's lives where they are choosing careers and what they want to do in their life. This is when learning becomes better because you are choosing what your learning. For me this is an easier type of learning because I am no longer doing the basic math, reading, ect. as I was in high school. I am now taking elementary education and psychology classes which I desire to learn more about. I also feel that I learn better now as an adult because I look further into the details of what I am learning. Each day I find myself asking "why?" or "how?" This is something I never did in high school or even my first few semesters at my local college. Now that I am asking more questions, I feel like I am retaining information better and understanding the material a lot more. These two things are very significant to me me because I enjoy what I am learning and desire to learn more, but I am also asking questions to help myself understand the material I am learning. This way I am happy because I am enjoying it and because I am succeeding from understanding the information thoroughly. Which I believe most adult learners would be happy if they were doing well and enjoying what they are learning. Knowing these things and the information I learned in the presentation will help me as a student at Liberty University Online because I now understand how I learn as a student and what things motivate me to learn. It will also help me relate to...
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