Chapter 3 Review

Topics: IP address, Coaxial cable, Domain Name System Pages: 2 (316 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Chapter 3 Review Questions
1. What is different about the method used to boost a digital signal’s strength, compared with the method of boosting an analog signal’s strength? (D) A digital signal requires a repeater, which retransmits the signal in its original form, and an analog signal requires an amplifier, which increases the strength of both the signal and the noise it has accumulated. 4. What is the origin of the word “modem?”

(B) Modulator/ demodulator
5. With everything else being equal, which of the following transmission techniques is capable of the greatest throughput? (C) Full-duplex
10. What part of a cable protects it against environmental damage? (A) Sheath
11. With everything else being equal, a network using which of the following UTP types will suffer the most cross talk? (A) CAT 3
12. What are two advantages of using twisted-pair cabling over coaxial cabling on a network? (B) Twisted-pair cable is less expensive.
(E) Twisted-pair cable is required for modern transmission standards. 14. Which of the following network transmission media offers the highest potential throughput over the longest distance?
16. What type of fiber-optic cable is used most frequently on LANs? (D) Multimode fiber
21. What is the maximum distance specified in the structured cabling standard for a horizontal wiring subsystem? (C) 100 m Chapter 4 Review Questions
5. What is the function of ARP?
(D) To obtain the MAC address of a host, and then map that MAC address to the host’s IP address. 7. Suppose you have a workstation that uses the IP address on a traditional IPv4 network. To what network class does the workstation belong? (C) C

15. What devices are the highest authorities in the domain name system hierarchy? (A) Root servers
25. Which of the following protocols will assist in determining whether packets reached their destinations? (B) ICMP
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