Router Simulation

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Morgan McIntosh
Assignment 2: Network protocols numbers

1. What organization has been given the responsibility for assigning protocol numbers? ICANN – The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers 2. Determine the protocol numbers for the protocol names: Protocol| Number|

IPv4| 4|
IPv6| 41|
TCP| 6|
UDP| 17|
ICMP| 1|
VRRP| 112|
L2TP| 115|
OSPF| 89|
EIGRP| 88|

3. Determine the correct ICMP type based on the description provided: ICMP Message Description| Type| Code*|
Echo| 8| |
Echo Reply| 0| |
Time Exceeded| 11| 0|
Port Unreachable| 3| 3|
Fragmentation Needed| 3| 4|

4. What are the valid ranges of protocol numbers? 0-65535 5. What protocol number(s) is/are specified for experimentation and testing? 253 and 254

6. What organization has been given the responsibility for assigning port numbers, sometimes referred to as “Well Known Ports or Registered Ports”? IANA

7. Determine the protocol numbers for the protocol names: Port| Application / Protocol|
TCP -23| telnet|
TCP -443| HTTPS|
UDP -53| Domain name system|
UDP -123| Network time protocol|
TCP -110| Post office protocol v3|
TCP -25| Simple mail transfer protocol|
TCP -80| HTTP|
UDP -88| kerberos|
TCP -22| SSH|
UDP -161| Simple network management|

8. What numeric range is commonly referred to as the “well-known ports”? 0 to 1024

9. What numeric port range is commonly used by clients in a client -> server communication session? 0 to 1023

10. What do you believe would be the result of installing and configuring a web server to “listen” on ports other than 80 and 443? 8080

2. 3.
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