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The Clarion School for Boys, Inc. Milwaukee Division: Making Information Systems Investments



John Young has a tremendous responsibility on his hands in preparing an evaluation of the current state of Information Systems (IS) for the Milwaukee’s Division of the Clarion School for Boys, Inc. Mr. Young is on a truncated timetable, and will have to rely on the schools staff and faculty to aid him in making an informed evaluation of the schools information system infrastructure, and articulate his assessment to the Board of Directors for approval. Background

The Clarion School for Boys was founded in 1989 by investors from the local Chicago area, primarily foster children, who took a vested interest in helping wayward young men in seeking direction, motivation, and become productive members of society. The Milwaukee Division was opened in 1993 and is the second oldest in the Clarion school system. In 1999, Clarion-Milwaukee set themselves apart from their competitors by emphasizing the use of modern information technology in conjunction with a caring staff who considered the ability to communicate with one another, and have the capability to access student data faster, was crucial to performance. Mr. Young’s predecessor, Jacob Miller, advocated the use of computer information systems in order to increase staff effectiveness, productivity, and communication. In 1999 Mr. Miller was able to obtain approval and acquire funds to get the systems in place. Clarion-Milwaukee procured an IBM AS/400 computer with associated applications and sixty personal systems in order to accelerate routine functions; providing faster access to student data. In 2002 through 2004, budget constraints prevented Clarion-Milwaukee from upgrading any systems. However, over time, sixty computers were replaced, but the AS/400 and its applications were still outdated. Mr. Young began to solicit information from the different staff and faculty directorates in...

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