Cmgt/554 Week 2

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Patton-Fuller Community Hospital IT Department

Patton-Fuller Community Hospital IT Department
In order for an organization to be able to have an efficient and successful organization the proper Information Technology system (IT) must be in place, this document will demonstrate what system is in place to make sure system is running successfully.

Patton-Fuller Community Hospital is a prominent hospital that is known for specializing in pharmacy, radiology, surgery, and physical therapy. This community hospital has numerous departments and each has a different IT need, so understanding which programs will work and be compatible is their major objective. The patients of Patton-Fuller Hospital are accustomed to the quality service that the hospital provides with a focus on the different programs and services to help maintain a high degree of concern for its patients.

Patton-Fuller Community Hospital has an great quantity of technology and can be divided into many different areas providing an in-depth review of the advancements and shortfalls of organization. Understanding the OSI model is important to getting the proper IT system job done, so knowing how to fit these elements together to form working system is what will be explained. The networking department has the challenge of breaking down the current infrastructure to ensure a comprehensive analysis is done to provide a solution that will last for the three to five years.

A major goal of the hospital is to protect the personal information of the patients who fall under the guidelines of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). HIPAA requires the protection and confidential handling of protected health information ("Health Insurance Portability And Accountability Act", 2012). To make sure that standards are meet, Patton-Fuller uses an encrypted storage system known as Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) (Apollo Group, 2011). According to "Encryption Algorithms" (2012), Encryption is the process of converting a plaintext message into cipher text which can be decoded back into the original message. An encryption algorithm along with a key is used in the encryption and decryption of data. There are several types of data encryptions which form the basis of network security. Encryption schemes are based on block or stream ciphers.

The hospital transmits information off a network called 1000Base-T. The information is s broken down to other departments such as Radiology, which uses a section of this network called 1000BaseF. “1000BASE-T is Gigabit Ethernet (1 gigabit is 1000 megabits per second) on copper cables, using four pairs of Category 5 unshielded twisted pair to achieve the gigabit data rate. 1000BASE-T can be used in data centers for server switching, for uplinks from desktop computer switches, or directly to the desktop for broadband applications (Apollo Group, 2011).

The nodes of the administrative function network utilize CAT 6 cabling. The connection point of the administrative functions network are connected to an Ethernet backbone. A single mode fiber cable, transmitting 1000 Base F, physically connects nodes attached to the clinical segment.   The nodes attached to the clinical function segment is physically linked by single mode fiber cable and transmitting 1000 Base F. Both segments connect via a network bridge (Apollo Group, 2011).

A DHCP server provides all workstations on the administrative function sectors with IP addresses. This is a good security practice to apply for the network black/white and color laser printers that utilize a static IP, so the MAC address is registered with the DHCP server to prevent malicious activity that would harm the networks and the DHCP service is run on the Exchange Server housed in the IT data center (Apollo Group, 2011).

The Radiology department has special needs to be able to manage pictures and archive them. Digital Imaging and...

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