Casa Di Italia

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Company Description
Casa Di Italia, a partnership, will be a new type of restaurant for the Baldwin Hills area of Brenthall. It will be an Italian restaurant that features delicious meals for people who are interested in healthy eating. In addition, the restaurant will have a small display area where diners and others can purchase quality Italian food products that are used to prepare the meals served in the restaurant. Casa Di Italia will be located at 881 McCabe Road in Baldwin Hills, a southern suburb of Brenthall, Pennsylvania. Mission Statement

Casa Di Italia’s mission is to serve and sell hi-quality Italian foods at moderate prices in a friendly, healthy atmosphere that offers superior service to customers. Vision Statement
Within five years, Casa Di Italia will be recognized as one of the top five moderately priced Italian restaurants in the Brenthall area. Customer Services
Casa Di Italia is more than an Italian restaurant and grocery. Sixty percent of the menu items will be low-fat, low-sodium entrees. At least two specials will be featured each day. All entrees can be personalized to meet the preferences of individual diners. Many of the pastas, cheeses, condiments, ingredients, and recipes used in the restaurant will be sold in the display area.

The restaurant will open every day from 4 p.m. to 11 p.m., except Christmas and New Year’s Day. A grand opening is scheduled on Friday, September 15. Reservations will be accepted, casual dress will be encouraged, and takeout dinners will be available. Free parking will be offered in a well-lit parking lot around the restaurant building. Casa Di Italia will have a Web site that customers can use to view the menu and specials, make reservations, order takeout dinners, and select food products for purchase. Industry Analysis

Casa Di Italia is part of an industry that has established itself as an integral part of an American lifestyle. More than forty-five percent of today’s food dollar is spent away from home, and almost half of all adults are restaurant patrons on a typical day. Children, teenagers and young adults are more familiar with restaurants and knew cuisines than ever before and are increasing their restaurant spending. The same is true for the baby boomers and members of the older generation who have been empowered by strong economic growth and gains in income. National GrowthThe restaurant industry enjoyed nine consecutive years of real sales growth as they entered the new century. Sales in 2000 were calculated at $376 billion and are expected to increase steadily to $577 billion by 20120; an increase of 53 percent in ten years. Full-service restaurants accounted for about two-thirds or $253 billion of the 200 sales. Using the same ratio, full-service will account for about $388 billion of the industry sales 2010. Baldwin Hills Growth

The restaurant business in the Baldwin Hills area of Brenthall is growing steadily as more and more people move into the southern end of Young County. A recent survey by the Brenthall Chamber of Commerce revealed that restaurant sales have increased slightly more than twenty-four percent in the southern section of Brenthall during the past five years. The average person in the Baldwin Hills area spent $768 for food away from home last year, and $515 of that was spent in restaurants. The survey results show that Baldwin Hills and nearby communities have seen a five percent growth in population in the past six years. Almost forty percent of the Baldwin Hills households have an annual income of $50,000 or more. People from this economic level make the best restaurant-industry customers.

One major operational challenge that Casa Di Italia is likely to face is being able to find and keep qualified and motivated workers to offer the superior level of service planned. The shortage of competent workers is the downside of the strong economy that has benefited the...
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