Carreer Self-Reflection

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Career Self-Reflection I

Maintaining patient files occurs within various types of health care and health care settings. One goal of this course is to help you contemplate choices for your career.

From what you’ve learned about medical records and health care settings so far, highlight the choices that best reflect your career interests and explain your reasons:

1. My career interest at this time is more oriented toward:

• Primary care—point of first contact
• Secondary care—specialist services by referral
• Tertiary care—unusual disorders

because: I do believe Care the point of that it would have to be Primary Care point of first contact this is where I wanted to be when I decided to go back to school.

2. If I were to work in a hospital department, I would prefer:

• Ambulatory care
• Ancillary services
• Emergency care
• Critical care
• Surgery

because: Ambulatory Care hospital based/clinic/centers- solo group or medical practices, universities & community hospitals, clinics and or patient homes.

3. If I were to work in behavioral health care, I would prefer _Mental Health care_because: I would work in the appointments and insurance for the billing or right at the front desk again this is kind of what I was looking for to set appointments and be able to admit any where

4. The medical specialty that interests me most is:Can also be emergency care I took the time to looke up each and every one of these they do have differednt area’s for each job description for each one and the all come up with about the same information.______________.

because: I am searching for the admitting part of the medical field and the emergency room procedures I am looking toward these because it has graveyard and I still have a son at home besides , this is what I was looking for in the beginning.

5. The patient population that I am...
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