Emergency Room Nurse

Topics: Hospital, Physician, Medicine Pages: 1 (438 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Would you be able to work 12-hour shifts? Would you take the risks of having someone’s life be on your hands? What about dealing with the victim’s family? Are you able to keep calm and make fast decisions? If you are then an Emergency Room Physician is the best job for you. Emergency Room Physicians get paid a lot of money and they get to make up their own working schedules. Besides their off time is their own, and they don’t have to be on call like other doctors may be. Becoming an Emergency Room Physician is a good career because a lot of lives are saved in hospitals. They work so hard to try and save people’s lives, they are really dedicated to their job, and they have to get through a lot of education before getting to hospitals. You may ask yourself what Emergency Room Physicians do during their working hours. So here’s a little information about what they do during their working hours. Emergency Room Physicians provide medical care to patients in hospital emergency rooms, they supervise physician assistants and nurses, directing their activities during the shift; examines patients suffering from a variety of medical conditions. Emergency Room physicians are in charge of so many different jobs during their 12-hour shifts. This is a hard job and it really takes a lot of knowledge, interest, and especially patience in order to get this job done the correct way. Not anyone can become an emergency room physician it has to be more for strong people, and people who are able to deal with a lot of blood. Physicians should be caring, sympathetic, responsible, and detail oriented. They must be able to direct or supervise others, correctly accesses patients’ conditions, and determines when consultation is required. (Emergency Room.”). Emergency Room Physicians should be patient to get their jobs done on time. They need to be really strong and be able to deal with so many different patients each day. Emergency Room physicians have to go through a lot of obstacles...
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