Business and Administration Level 2

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Unit two: Principles of providing administrative services


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Name: Caroline Banana

Section 1 – Understand how to make and receive telephone calls

1. Complete the table below with descriptions of at least two different features of a telephone system and how / when they would be used.

|Feature |How / when used | |1. |This is usually retrieved by dialing 1 or by selecting the voicemail| | |feature or extension number. This enables you to access messages | |Voicemail |left for you by others. | | | | |2. Conference calls |This makes it possible to speak to more than one person at the same | | |time. | | | | |3. Call back |Enables people to automatically recall an engaged extension once it | | |has become free. This means callers do not have to keep trying a | | |number over and over again. |

2. Prepare a brief report advising people on:

• How to follow organisational procedures when making and receiving telephone calls • The purpose of giving a positive image of yourself and your organisation when making and receiving telephone calls.

If possible, use specific information from procedures in your own organisation (or one that you are familiar with).

1. When receiving a call: you must answer the phone within at least three rings. • Greet the callers with warmth and an enthusiastic standard greeting followed by company name and in some cases say your name so they know who they are speaking to e.g. ‘Good morning, Welcome to MEB total, Caroline speaking, how may I help you.’ • Answer colleagues’ extensions when they’re unable to take a call. • Call centre sales roles, are required to read specific scripts on certain calls and you are not suppose to sound like you are reading a script. We would much rather prefer you recite and memorise the script. If you know it by heart you will sound more professional and the more confidence and trust the customer will have in you. • You must be able to listen carefully, identify the caller and their needs, build a rapport and give the caller the best service possible. • Ask for permission before making personal calls.

• Making an effective telephone call: requires certain actions and should not be seen as a casual activity. When making a call to a customer you have to prepare for the call in advance...
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