AP World History Chapter 13 questions

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Chapter 13: The Expansive Realm of Islam 
Outline the key aspects of the life of Muhammad, his message, his migration to the Medina, and the establishment of Islam in Arabia.   
Muhammad and his message  
Arabian peninsula was mostly desert  
Nomadic Bedouin people organized in family and clan groups  Important in long-distance trade networks between China/India and Persia/Byzantium  Muhammad's early life  
Muhammad ibn Abdullah born to a Mecca merchant family, 570 C.E.  Difficult early life, married a wealthy widow, Khadija, in 595  Became a merchant at age thirty and was exposed to various faiths  Muhammad's spiritual transformation at age forty  

There was only one true god, Allah ("the god") 
Allah would soon bring judgment on the world 
The archangel Gabriel delivered these revelations to Muhammad  The Quran ("recitation")--holy book of Islam  
Followers compiled Muhammad's revelations 
Work of poetry and definitive authority on Islam 
Other works include hadith (sayings and deeds of Muhammad)  Muhammad's migration to Medina  
Conflict at Mecca  
His teachings offended other believers, especially the ruling elite of Mecca  Attacks on greed offended wealthy merchants 
Attacks on idolatry threatened shrines, especially the black rock at Ka'ba  The hijra 
Under persecution, Muhammad and followers fled to Medina, 622 C.E.  The move, known as hijra, was the starting point of the Islamic calendar  The umma: cohesive community of Muslims in Medina 
The "seal of the prophets"  
Muhammad called himself the "seal of the prophets"--the final prophet of Allah  Held Hebrew scripture and New Testament in high esteem 
Determined to spread Allah's wish to all humankind 
The establishment of Islam in Arabia  
Muhammad's return to Mecca  
He and his followers conquered Mecca, 630 
Imposed a government dedicated to Allah 
Destroyed pagan shrines and built mosques 
The Ka'ba was not destroyed; it became site of pilgrimage in 632  The Five Pillars of...
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