Age, Race, Gender Advertiseing

Topics: 3D modeling, Dimension, Learning Pages: 3 (1142 words) Published: June 24, 2013
Throughout the semester, I have been working with Creo Parametric 1.0. This class has not only taught me a new 3D modeling program, but it has also taught me new ways to think about a design before I draw it. Each of the chapters, I have either enhanced something I already knew, or learned something new.

Class started by jumping right into chapter 2. The information in this chapter was about protrusions and extruding pieces, which was knowledge that I had already acquired. Even though I felt like I knew what was going on in this part of the book, I still was able to learn something about orientating your drawing. I previously used to use Inventor, and in Inventor you are able to change the orientation of your drawing at any time. This is not the case in Creo. I found this out at the end when I when to place the tutorial part into a drawing. I was unable to get the isometric part to come out correctly. Even after asking questions and rummaging around through the program, I found out I can rotate the object and save the image of it to get it close. After this incident, I started paying attention to how I was drawing the object. I also found out some interesting information in the next chapter.

Chapter 3 went on to inform us on holes, rounds, and relations. This was the first time I dealt with relations. This is a feature that I really like. If you have to change one dimension, then the rest automatically change if there is a relation between the dimensions. The book showed that you could do it with the dimensions or symbols showing. In my opinion it is easier to do when the dimensions are showing. This is a big time saver if you need to change a dimension later on. I will be keeping this feature in the memory bank along with some information that I learned in the following chapter. Revolved protrusions, mirror copies, and model analysis was described in chapter 4. I personally enjoyed chapter 4, I use these same features in Inventor. These have to...
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