Topics: Loudspeaker, Sound, Acoustics Pages: 4 (852 words) Published: March 14, 2014
Factors to be Considered in Acoustical Design
Acoustic Isolation
no volume leak
Anechoic chamber
Frequency Balance
with maintained level of intensities and quality of sound
Acoustic Separation
no unduly pick up of sound nearby instrument
the sonic reflections can be controlled
Cost of Factors
apply the acoustic principles in cost effective way
Dead and Live Acoustic Room
Dead Room
Anechoic Chamber
Rooms that have very little or no echo/reverberation of their own. A special structure built in a way that it produces no echos. The sound of thee room that is completely dead is very unnatural sounding. Live Room

Bounce sound around in a way pleasing to the ear
Carnegie Hall is so famous is the way it bounces around and scatters sound. Other examples are auditorium, bathroom and hall way.
Acoustic Treatments
In porous materials the sound propagates in a network of small interconnected pores Used to sound proof rooms and ducts as well as to treat reverberation problems in room. Diaphragmatic Absorbers
A box of panel that has a face that is designed to vibrate or move with the sound pressure that is exerted upon it. It works when sound pressure energy, especially lower frequency energy strikes the front wall of the absorber. Helmholtz Absorbers

Its make-up consist of a rigid cavity communicating with the external medium through a part. Used to supress room and cabinet resonance and as a bass reflex tube to achieve a lower resonance compared with the cabinet resonance. Adjustable Aciustics

Adjustable Panels
Allows you to use it in corners where the left and right sides of bass traps should touch two adjoining walls and help further reduce room resonance. Creates intimate recording environment in any room.

Partitions and Portable Baffles
A partition that prevents interference between sound waves in loud speaker used in reduction of echo to produce more favorable room acoustic Louvers
A window blind or...
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